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Xpert Creative Designs is a Custom Branding Service that specializes in finding creative ways to customize merchandise for clients. The Xperts have an in-house Graphic Designer available for those in search of custom designs; furthermore, several professional Seamstresses are available for custom handmade merchandise. Custom merchandise includes the following:

  • Babies Satin Hair Bonnets w/matching Beauty Masks
  • Bling Tees
  • Cheerleader Apparel/Bows
  • Church/Religion Tees
  • Cups/Mugs/Tumblers/Wine Glasses
  • Custom Shoes
  • Custom Tees
  • Group Vacation Tees
  • Hair Stylist & Client Aprons
  • Ladies Backpacks
  • Ladies Satin Hair Bonnets w/matching Beauty Masks
  • Makeup Artist Apparel & Handbags
  • March/Protest Tees
  • Pet Clothing
  • Special Occasion Tees

Prices may vary per request.

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