Transport Financial Services, (TFS) provides sale of electronic customer solutions. Select and receive Immediate access to carrier…broker…and shipper directories to know the competition in the United States…Canada…and Mexico. Logistic solutions of tomorrow designed to maximize efficiency in operation. All Transportation Directories are:

*Internet ready solutions
*Easily accessible & generally delivered (One Hour Delivery)
*Improving the clients experience by removing language barriers (multi-lingual)
*Reducing operating cost per transaction, and more by bundling
*Providing on-line Customer Satisfaction feedback, real-time.

These universal requirements are answered by TFS. This customer appealing, user friendly, on-line interface provides valuable information before crisis level, and create jobs for drivers certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The ability to receive timely and meaningful data impacts the type and speed of delivery. New improvements are being implemented For TFS to continue to provide more practical, cost effective, and less tedious by using proven methods of processing data today.


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